Top 4 Tips for Reducing Water Usage in Garden

tips for reducing water usage in garden

Our gardens are one of the most water consuming parts of our house and is an area which needs regular watering and washing. But conserving water is an activity which is important for saving the environment and we must all take it seriously.  By saving the amount of water used in the garden, we can help conserve a lot of this natural resource.

Conversing water can also reduce pollution, increase the life of the septic system and has many other benefits as well. The following are the top tips for reducing water usage in gardens or yards:

tips for reducing water usage in garden

1. Avoid using Hose Pipes to Water the Garden

One of the best tips to reduce the water usage in the garden is to avoid using hose pipes to water the plants and grass etc. Instead, use a hand sprinkler or a jug to pour water into the various greens. This helps to check the amount of water you are using and helps to save a considerable amount of it. When you use a hose pipe, a lot of water gets consumed and even wasted due to the lack of idea of the volume of water being used.

2. Water the Garden only when Required

While it is true that your garden needs regular watering but you must only water it when required.  To check whether there is a need for watering, you can step on the grass and see it if springs when you move. If it does, then probably there is no need for watering yet but if it doesn’t, then probably it has gone dry.

3. Water During Early Parts of the Day

Another tip to conserve water when using it in the garden is to water your plants and greens during the early parts of the day as it helps to prevent the growth of fungus and reduces the amount of water lost in evaporation.  Also, avoid watering when it is windy outside since it can blow the sprinkler away from the target and water may get wasted.

4. Check for Leaks in the Pipes and Faucets

Another way to check for water wastage when watering garden area is to check for leaks in pipes, hoses, faucets etc. little leaks here and there can waste a lot of water and must be avoided.  Use hose connectors and washers to check these leaks and prevent them.