Tips for Growing the Value of Your Garden

growing the value of your garden

Why Rearranging and Upscaling your Garden Will Benefit you

Over recent years, where high-rises and tightly packed homes are more and more common, a property with a garden can become an extremely valuable commodity with some estimating that it can add up to 10% of a house’s value on top of the original price. For instance, if the house was worth £250 thousand, a well-maintained garden can add another £25 thousand on top of that.

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A well-kept garden can increase the price of a property because not only is it pleasing to the eye but it can also give the buyers of a property more confidence and can alleviate some of those shaky nerves. This is because when you walk out and see a properly maintained garden, with paving and a flower bed it makes you feel that the whole house has been cared for. Whereas, if one walked out and saw a bare and bleak garden it would undoubtedly make someone question the integrity of the whole house.

So here are a couple of ways in which to increase the value of your house:

Paving & Slabs

growing the value of garden

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to patio work and for good reason. If you pick a suitable option of paving that suits the style of your property and the size of the garden, then you can change the entire character of your backyard and a lot of value to the property.

growing the value of your garden

If you have a modern property with less space, then a clean cut slab with a sheen on may be the way to hone in on the modern style. However, if you have a more traditional property, then you may want something with a bit more character, something that looks quite rustic, perhaps rough around the edges and not perfectly flat but that invites you out into the garden. A combination of a grassy area with a well designed and well built patio area can make a garden extremely attractive, it will not only increase the value of the property overall but will also make it a more enjoyable place to be for yourself and your family.


Also, if you live in an area where parking is paramount, inner cities and busy towns for instance, then it may be a wise idea to pave over the front garden and make that area space for another car. Of course, this does not really apply to country houses where the aesthetic of a front garden is more important, but in an area short of parking this could create a sizeable increase in the value of the property.

When it comes to buying your slabs or paving, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can either go into your local garden centre and order them or go or online and order from a specialist paving slab provider such as Easypave.

Use What You’ve Got

Something important, which should not be overlooked, is that you must remember what you have. If you have a smaller garden, then it would be unsuitable to add in three flower beds and a summer-shed, you’d have nothing left and would only feel that the garden is overcrowded, and vice-versa if you have a huge garden space that is all grass and weeds, then this will add nothing to the property but the feeling of emptiness. It must be remembered that what works for someone else may well not be appropriate for you.

tips for growing the value of garden

Therefore, if you have a smaller garden it is best to play it simple, with a smart paved area and a grassy region with a small flowerbed perhaps, but nothing more and most importantly it must be kept extremely neat and tidy. If you have a large garden then, arguably, a summer-shed would be a lovely addition, along with a flowerbed, but it is important to remember that even though you have all of that space you must not overpopulate it, otherwise the feeling of a large area will quickly disappear. A few attributes will aid the garden and in turn the property, but too many and it will become overpowering and have the opposite to the desired effect.

tips for growing the value of your garden


These are a couple of the most important ways to add value to your property, a smart looking and well maintained patio area, combined with a grassy space will immediately make the garden appear well looked-after; and also not adding too much to the garden, remember what you have and use it wisely. Too much and it will feel claustrophobic, too little and it will feel very bare but if you get it to the perfect level you could increase the value of your property massively.