Importance and Tips for Plant Grafting

importance and tips for plant grafting

Introduction: Plant Grafting is an important activity conducted by gardeners these days in order to produce attractive looking fresh flowers and fruits as well as beautify ornamental plants. It is common to experience failure while trying out grafting at home gardens because it is not a thing to be done without having the complete knowledge of it.

Grafting is a process in which one part of a plant is surgically attached with the part of another plant, which produces hybrid species. This union is called a Grafting Union. Grafting is important because it produces a more uniform plant and bear flowers much sooner than normal plants.

importance and tips for plant grafting

Below given are some tips which you need to follow in order to have a successful grafting:

  • Use a sharp knife: You need to select a special knife for this procedure which should be razor sharp. This is important because you need to efficiently cut the woody stem of the plant in order to fix it with other plant and any unevenness in the cut would cause the procedure to be inefficient.
  • Collect the bud sticks properly: The bud sticks should be collected from the stems which are young as well as firm. Sticks which are too hard would not work for grafting a plant. The ideal stem would be the one on which the flowers are fading and shedding their petals, but before new buds are born.
  • Well water the plant: You should take care of watering the plant regularly when it is going through the procedure of grafting. This is because this plant is undergoing a man conducted procedure and hence, extra care needs to be taken in order to stimulate the procedure.
  • Avoid contact with soil: When you cut the bud stick, take care that it does not come in contact with the soil because soil contains organisms which contribute to rotting. If you drop any cuttings on the floor, you should discard them rather than using them.
  • Choose a good wrapping material: When you want to wrap the joint of grafting, it would be the best option to choose a polythene budding tape as it provides firm wrapping. You should make the wrapas tight as possible so that the joint is most effective.

The above given tips are some basics which you need to follow in order to have successfully grafted plants.