Tips To Grow Ornamental Grasses


Ornamental grasses are fabulous architectural plants that you can add to your garden.

They serve as good decoration if used as borders or individual eye-catchers in gardens. You can also easily grow them in containers to create formal designs.

Perfect time to plant ornamental grasses

You can plant ornamental grasses in spring or fall, but the advantage of planting ornamental grasses in spring season is they will have enough time to develop better root system before fall season.

Few varieties of ornamental grasses do well in different climatic conditions. However, most types of ornamental grasses are very versatile and are resistant to wide range of climatic conditions.

Problems with ornamental grasses

Even very large type of ornamental grasses has very few or remarkably no problems. But, at times there is a chance for powdery mildew to afflict ornamental grass plants in certain seasons. However, it is highly recommended to spray fungicides to avoid problems.

If you want to grow large ornamental plants, make sure to check the final height of the plant, as you can face few problems with large, invasive ornamental grasses.

Maintenance of ornamental grasses

Ornamental grasses need very little care and also have very few pests. So, it is quite easy to maintain ornamental grasses.

But, be sure with the height and spread of the grasses. Regularly trim the grasses according to the design and look of your garden.