Tips To Grow Spinach In Your Home Garden


spinach leavesSpinach is one of the first things you can add in your home garden in spring.

Freshly harvested spinach leaves will be very tender and tasty; you’ll simply love to grow this nutritious vegetable at your backyard.

Spring is the best season to grow spinach because short days, cool soil and low temperatures mainly help in the growth of healthy and tasty spinach.

If you really want to know the crucial steps in growing spinach, then here are certain essential things that you have to know about growing spinach.

  1. Spinach requires full sun along with sufficient amounts of water to grow. Soil, which has rich organic matter and well-draining qualities, is best suited to grow all varieties of spinach.
  2. Sow the seeds 1/2 inch deeply in the ground in early spring days. Spinach likes water, so always keep the evenly soil moist but not wet or soggy.

Special tip: To speed up the germination of the spinach seeds, soak the seeds for 10-20 minutes in compost tea.

  1. If temperatures are cool, use floating row cover to protect spinach plants from caterpillars and other beetle species. Select resistant varieties of spinach seeds and provide plenty of air-circulation to the plants to prevent fungal problems.
  2. When the plants are ready to harvest, you can cut the entire plant or only outside leaves of the plant. If you see flowers or budding on the plant, cut the plant immediately.