Ways to Keep your Garden Blooming Throughout the Year

Ways to Keep your Garden Blooming Throughout the Year

Waking up to the yellow of the sunflower or the sweet smell of rose, handpicking the tomatoes for your afternoon lunch or simply the joy of smelling wet mud while you gently take care of your plants. The joys of gardening are known only to those who practice it.

However, it is no mean feat to take care of your garden and have it look beautiful throughout the year. It takes a considerable amount of time, money, hard work and most importantly- planning.

For all you gardening enthusiasts, here are a few ways to keep your garden blooming throughout the year.

Ways to Keep your Garden Blooming Throughout the Year

Lay out the design

Before starting work on your garden, map out the overall garden design using appropriate measurements to have a clear idea about how you should proceed with the placement of the plants and grass.

The number of plants that you need to buy for a beautifully blooming garden will depend on the amount of land space available. Take a call on whether you want your plants in beds or to run alongside the length of grass.

Pick the perennials

One of the more obvious ways to ensure that your garden is blooming all throughout the year is to pick the perennial plants. These are usually small shrubs that do not have a woody stem and have green leaves throughout the year.

Walker’s Low Nepeta, Alcazar Red Hot Poker, Baptisia and Rosea Turtlehead are only some of the perennials that you can choose from.

Hitting the right spot

Taking the right decisions about plant variety and where to grow them are two very important determinants to an ever blooming garden. Choose a plant that is native to the place you live in so that it can thrive to the fullest possible extent. A suitable climate condition is very important for a plant to bloom properly.

You have to define what area of your garden you want thriving year round and depending on whether that particular area receives sunlight or is considerably shady, you need to choose plants that are compatible with the sunlight condition.

Time – space matters

You must know your flowers and accordingly make a schedule, keeping in mind when different plants grow. So, if you combine spring flowers like daffodils and hyacinths with fall flowers like dahlias, cosmos and roses, your garden will have some color through the year.

Another important thing that you should ensure is allotting enough space for your plants to be able to grow and spread completely.  Having an idea about how much space a plant takes after developing fully is important so that you allow that much space to each plant.

Flower power

Add some color to your garden by choosing some bright and striking flowering plants that can form a buffer between the perennial plants and enhance the beauty of your garden by giving it a structured look. However, you must take good care to replant them seasonally as they are not perennial in nature.