Choosing the Perfect Greenhouse: Things to Consider


In case you are new to greenhouse gardening, the choice of the new greenhouse could be more than overwhelming. There are so many things to consider before buying one that you might get lost. Here are some key points to keep in mind.
Perfect Greenhouse


One of the most important elements of the growth of plants is sunlight. Nonetheless we also have to consider that this kind of light may not be the best kind, because it can damage the plants by burning them. When looking for the best light, you should really consider diffused light. It is said that the plants are able to grow 20%-30% faster when exposed to diffused light. LED grow lights are another good light alternative because they are high output with reduced heat and lower energy cost than traditional lighting.

Extending the growing season

It is best to find a greenhouse that allows you to care for your garden all year round. For this the greenhouse needs good ventilation and insulation. This means that the greenhouse should be able to hold the warmth inside, even if the cold weather has arrived outside. On the other hand, when summer comes, the greenhouse should be able to keep the plants relatively cool.

To make sure that the greenhouse won’t get too hot, the design should make it possible for you to add base vents, exhaust fans and louvers. Light diffusion could be another way to keep the greenhouse cool.


You should know that once you start, it is difficult to stop greenhouse gardening. Over the years your needs and expectations may change, and this is why you need to keep the option of making modifications open. So the greenhouse should be versatile and customizable. You could be thinking about adding some extra accessories or extension kits.


Most probably if you invest in a greenhouse, you don’t want to repeat the investment soon. This is why your greenhouse should be able to withstand different elements, such as the weather elements, falling branches, stray balls and so on.

The frame of the greenhouse should be low maintenance. It is best if it is easy to clean too. The paneling should also be durable. You shouldn’t be able to scratch it. Also make sure that it can support the extra weight of water and snow.

Ultra-violet protection

The greenhouse that you get ought to be hassle-free. You shouldn’t be wasting your time with recovering the greenhouse. It has to be able to handle the damages caused by direct sun. For this the glazing and the framework is supposed to be UV treated. These kinds of greenhouses are UV certified.

Before buying one, gather some information regarding the warranty period and you might also be concerned about the costs related to changing some of the parts.

In case you would like to get a greenhouse that is suitable for your plants and that is durable, click here and find what you have been looking for. You don’t have to choose the traditional looking greenhouses; there are numerous designs that can make your garden special, reflecting your unique personality. Hartley Botanic offers you everything you need.

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