Getting Your Greenhouse Ready For The Winter


Any gardener knows that the autumn is the time to prepare his greenhouse for the winter. In case you don’t know from where to start, here are few advices that can help you to prepare your greenhouse.

The first step is to clean the greenhouse. Scrub off the shading paint, wash the glasses from inside and outside and make sure the ventilation is working properly.

greenhouse for winter 1

Bringing the plants inside the greenhouse depends on the weather forecast. Typically you shall bring the potted plants inside the house, before the first frost.

If the autumn is warm, ventilate the greenhouse often, but close the doors, for it may damage the plants.

Watering is also an issue to consider. When you bring the plants inside the greenhouse, you need to water them more sparingly, but don’t overwater them.

greenhouse for winter 2

The tender perennials in your garden need more care and special attention. Pot them up and bring them into the greenhouse.

Flowers are the biggest concern for many gardeners. Therefore, make sure they are inside the greenhouse before the first frost.

Don’t water the begonias, the gloxinias and the achimenes, let them fade and then store the tubers in dry compost.

The sweet peppers are typically the last plants you will bring in the greenhouse. Let them bloom for last time and pick them after the first frost.