Green House Technology For Growing Herbal Plants!


herbal plantsAre you aware that world health organization has estimated that at least 80% of the world population rely on traditional systems of medicine for their primary health needs?

According to world health, over 21000 plant species are useful in the preparation of medicines. Herbal plants have global market worth about US$62 billion per annum.

During last few years, the use of herbal medicine plants as an alternative to traditional medicine has soared considerably [Herb gardening].

If you are interested in gardening, better grow herbal plants that will be useful for everyone because of their medicinal properties.

Herbs grown in greenhouse

Herbal plants are a part of daily living for the naturalist and for the cook who loves that great taste. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a huge variety of herbs that you can use continually in kitchen; all you have to do is use your greenhouse environment to grow herbs all winter long.

You can grow herbal plants on your own with many new technologies.

Growing herbs from cuttings

You can add new dimension to your garden by growing your own plants from cutting. Start with the plant that you take care of. You should know that every cut will not give root.

The herbal plant you pick should be vigorous and healthy. While choosing stems, see that they are coming from sides of the plant, but not from the middle. Shoots that are present in the side root quickly. Cutting should not be done more than 3 inches.

The leaves should be stripped off from the bottom 1/2 to 2/3 of the cutting. You can perform it with your fingers. Enough leaves are required for the plant to make food, but too many cannot concentrate on the growing roots.

The cut should be made at the node as the growth hormone is more at this area. The cutting should be made firm in growing medium and plastic cover is placed on the top to form a mini green house.

Ensure that the left over leaves will not become dry. If the environment is not humid, mist them. The growing medium for the plant must be moist but not soggy because the roots require oxygen. When a new growth is seen, you can pot them up. Now, you are ready with a new plant.

Growing herbs with seeds

You can have fun by growing herbal plants from seeds. You know what are the things that are to be used for nourishing and protecting your seedlings from insects and how to fertilize for growing herbs.

You can grow herbs like chamomile that will reward you with easy success. Herbs like thyme, garden sage, and feverfew will provide cut flowers as well as headache fighting leaves.

If you are growing herbal plants, a new container is to be used or it has to be sterilized with nine parts of water to one part of bleach. You can get plastic propagation trays with clear domes at hardware stores that can be used again and again and are worth of investment.

Use soil less mixture always. The mixture is usually part of vermiculite or perlite and part of peat moss. If you use soil, it can carry viruses which love tender seedlings.

Following certain measures will help you to grow healthy herbal plants. For more ideas or information, you can consult a gardening professional.

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