Greenhouses – Small And Affordable Options


When you think green houses, do you think of large, elaborate and expensive looking structures that only the very rich with extensive grounds around their houses can afford? Well you would be only partly accurate, greenhouses can of course be large, expensive elaborate affairs that you need contractors for, but equally a green house can be an inexpensive DIY project that you can put together yourself.

green houseFirstly, you pick a site which is flat and level and well drained, where you are likely to get the best sunlight.

You can make or construct a basic wooden frame yourself as per your requirements and then cover this with clear polythene film.

You can start small and then increase the size or the number of structures. You can get plenty of DIY projects off the internet to help you build your own greenhouse.

However, if you are not that handy with carpentry or DIY projects, worry not – you still don’t need a contractor to make your green house. You have the option of simply purchasing a prefabricated one. Several options are available from Amazon:

This Mini Greenhouse can be accommodated very easily even on a balcony, a patio or deck. Built rather like a cupboard, it has shelves and the entire frame has a plastic cover with a full length roll up zipper in the front. You can either use it for displaying plants or for seed propagation.

The Pop up Plant house is convenient and portable option, which sets up in minutes. You could use it to be placed on hard surfaces (such as deck or patio) as well as on soil (in the yard or garden). This can do the job of the greenhouse – to protect your plants and extend their growing season.

This one comes with PVC material that offers UV protection as well as offers high humidity levels that are conducive to plants thriving. This item can be set up even over existing bushes or plants (that are in the ground).

If you want something larger and more elaborate, that looks rather more like traditional greenhouses, you can pick this 8 foot backyard greenhouse, with an aluminum frame, galvanized steel base and a sliding door.

Offering UV protection, this one looks rather more like a fully fledged green house. It comes equipped with roof ventilation, and the roof design being such that you have enough head room as well when inside.

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