Growing Bromeliads In Greenhouse


Bromeliads are wonderful houseplants and perfectly suitable for green house gardening. They can easily adapt to normal room conditions.

With wide ranges of colors and textures available in bromeliads, they are quite interesting plants that you can grow in house.

Bromeliads plants give beautiful foliage and also highly adaptable. In general, bromeliads are easily grown in fast draining potting soil. Bromeliads need a fairly specific set of growing conditions to bloom.

Tips for growing bromeliads

Sufficient light: Different species of bromeliads are resistant to different light levels. Some species can withstand full tropical sunlight, while others can’t resist too much light.

However, no matter what species it is, bromeliads generally prefer bright windowsills instead of bright direct sunlight.

Room temperature: These particular plants are highly resistant to temperature variations. But, in hotter temperatures, they need more humidity. Ideally speaking, bromeliads prefer 55degrees F and 80 degrees F range of temperatures and you shouldn’t expose them below 40 degrees F.

Fertilizing: Bromeliads plants don’t require heavy fertilizer feeding. Usually in growing season, you can use effective liquid fertilizer at ¼ or half strength.

Watering: As bromeliads also tolerate drought conditions, it is enough to water these particular plants once in every week, particularly during growing season. But, always remember; never let these plants to rest in standing water.