Indoor Greenhouse Ideas


indoor greenhouseBuilding an indoor greenhouse is not as complex and expensive as you may think.

It does not take up much space and equipment can be easily obtained from any local hardware shops or home improvement center at affordable prices.

It involves collecting material and gathering supplies for shelving, plastic sheeting, glass panels and lighting among other things and requires mostly your construction abilities.

Old equipment and unnecessary garden furniture can be put to good use as well and are a good way of cutting the total cost of creating an indoor greenhouse. A simple table can be used to set up plants in containers.

In other cases it would be necessary to construct shelves on the walls as close to an electrical outlet with plywood leg braces for support. This also helps in saving storage space.

The lighting used in the indoor greenhouse is of particular importance and may require the use of a light timer to determine the amount of time all lights will be on each day.

Plants need a minimum of 10 hours of lighting each day. The lights should be positioned in a way that they can shine directly over the shelves or table where the plants are to be placed and away from water in the greenhouse.

It may be important to note the kind of bulbs to be used whilst setting up the lighting. Fluorescent bulbs achieve favorable results for adequate lighting and can be hung to the tops of the room lights for closer or distant lighting.

Heating or cooling within the greenhouse provides the necessary conditions for plant growth in the indoor greenhouse. In a cold environment hanging clear plastic sheeting outside the shelves keeps the greenhouse warm and helps keep the humidity high which is necessary for plant growth and seed germination.

Small air holes can also be inserted. In other instances you can also opt to install a heating cable and insulating board to assist in providing the desired temperatures for germination to occur.

It is important that all equipment used be water resistant for a lasting greenhouse. The ever present water required in the greenhouse may degrade the wood and equipment used.

To reduce this damage, the use of good water resistant paint can assist and minimize decaying of wood. Water resistant glue may also be necessary to protect the structures created.

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