It’s Time For Greenhouse Work


Spring is the season in which you can create your dream garden. With a few simple and easy steps your garden will be dream place. Early spring is exactly the season, in which cutting the old plants, clearing the garden space and sowing some of the new species is a must.

greenhouseFirst step is to cut the tender plants such as plectranthus, some salvias and solenostemon, which might be affected by the winter.

Cut all the damaged plants and leave those, who survived. Now it’s the perfect timing for sowing sweat pea in deep pots with cooler conditions for better growing.

Take hardwood cuttings from plants like buddleia and philadelphus, choose pencil-thick stems and cut into 6-9 inch lengths.

philadelphusNext step is trimming the bottom and strip off lower leaves from it. Then dip them in rooting powder and place cuttings in a place protected from the sun.

They will root in six to nine months and by then you will see the result of your work.