Logical Steps Towards Greenhouse Crops


Growing vegetables in greenhouse is no longer only for professional gardeners. You can do it yourself as long as you follow several tips. Most important of all remains the greenhouse building.

Make sure you build warm greenhouses because this will surely increase your vegetables growth.

green house crops( Photo by bmarsh011 )

The greenhouse is preferred by many, because it provides fresh vegetables year-round and its maintenance isn’t so difficult.

As for your vegetables, one of the most important steps is their right spacing. Space them in order that will provide a normal air circulation between them. Even if you grow them in containers, just set them enough away from each other.

Watering in the greenhouse is also an issue. Check the soil and when you feel it needs watering, do it. Examine your plants for disease and check the soil.

In case some plants are already affected by some disease, remove them from the greenhouse. Use insecticidal soap against the pests and try organic fertilizers. In case you are growing tomatoes and peppers, pollinate them as you tap them in order to release the pollen.

The cucumbers and melons also need a special pollinating. Transfer pollen from the male blossoms to the flowers and use a paintbrush.

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