Tips To Maintain Greenhouse Garden


greenhouse gardeningGreenhouse gardening is a great choice for those who desires to garden in all four seasons.

A greenhouse is an enclosed construction with transparent walls that provides controlled environmental conditions required for a healthy plant growth.

Greenhouse gardening is much similar to outdoor gardening.

The only difference is that the gardener of the greenhouse needs to have idea about growing plants in the greenhouse and maintain the controlled environment in the greenhouse.

Therefore, here are a few greenhouse gardening tips that help you to cultivate all varieties of plants in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse gardening tips

Greenhouse gardening site is the key for a successful greenhouse gardening. A greenhouse in an appropriate location provides a productive plant growth. So, select a level site location for greenhouse gardening and ensure that it gets the maximum winter sunlight.

Also, consider the factors such as the angles of sun rays in the summer and winter season, shadow casting and the surrounding environment. It is a good idea to align the long side of the greenhouse in the south, as this direction allows maximum sunlight to the greenhouse.

Also, set the angles of the roof appropriately to allow slightest amount of loss by sunlight reflection.

Design of the greenhouse also influences the greenhouse gardening. This is because the arrangement of the plants, the light, ventilation, and the space to move around comfortably inside the greenhouse depends entirely on its design. So, consider all these factors and design the greenhouse accordingly.

Greenhouse temperature is other important factor to consider. A lot of sunlight into the greenhouse garden produces more heat. This, in turn, leads to a need for proper ventilation.

Therefore, it is good to keep a thermometer in the center of the greenhouse within the shade to observe the change in the temperature at different times of a day. This helps you to know which plants are suitable to grow in the greenhouse garden temperature.

Adjust the lighting in the greenhouse garden in such a way that the sun rays/sunlight enters into the greenhouse for a maximum number of hours.

Ensure that the sunlight reaches more in the spring and rainfall. This is because during these periods the sun will be lowest in the south.

Good ventilation keeps the greenhouse gardening plants in good condition. Proper ventilation gives good air-circulation to the plants when you arrange them evenly. So, arrange a good ventilation system according to the space, size, and design of the greenhouse.

Soil for the greenhouse gardening plants should be of best quality. Commercial potting soil is good for greenhouse gardening, particularly for growing veggies. However, see that the soil is good enough for drainage. Keep in mind that water is required only when the soil is dry.

Over watering the plants in controlled environment can damage the plant growth. So, make use of a drip irrigation facility or hand watering to keep the plants away from over watering.

Overall, a proper maintenance is essential for greenhouse gardening. As different greenhouse gardens will have different maintenance, it is important to identify the needs and fulfill them to keep the plants free from diseases and for healthy plant growth.

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