4 Ways You Can Make Your Own Greenhouse

4 Ways You Can Make Your Own Greenhouse

If you cherish your tender green finger, then this is a must-read for you. It doesn’t matter, whether you have a large land space in the backyard of your home or just your bedroom window sill to nurture your love for gardening, or whether you live in a country where it’s cold throughout the year. This article will make sure that you are not deprived of your gardening hobby. Here’s how you can build and nurture your greenhouse in 4 incredibly easy ways.

4 Ways You Can Make Your Own Greenhouse

1. Miniature greenhouse using bottles

This is for the window-sill gardening aspirant. If you have been dreaming of a miniature garden ever since you saw one in the Hollywood classic, Alice in Wonderland, then I have got the perfect solution to make your dream come true. All you need for a miniature greenhouse is a couple of soda bottles or glass jar, a generous amount, or rather a handful of rich garden soil and your choice of plant saplings. Choose the kind of saplings whose root is small, single and shallow, like cactus, small ferns or orchids.

Take a glass bottle that has a wide mouth and a wider girth. Take another bottle whose girth is thinner as compared to the first bottle. Slit the thin glass bottle right where the widening begins slowly. Use glue to stick the top inside the cut wider bottle upside down just as shown in the picture. This will be the vase for the plant seedlings.

Now take the wider bottle and slit it just like the slit made in the thin bottle but a centimeter lower. This will serve as the lid. Slide this lid slowly over the structure made above. It will fit in perfectly, and you have a lovely greenhouse in no time.

2. Turn the empty aquarium into a lovely greenhouse

If your dear little goldfish has breathed its last, and its aquarium is lying empty and abandoned, then it’s high time to do something with it. Use the fish tank with glass walls as a greenhouse for your plants and flowers. Find a spot in your backyard which is situated in an agreeable position to receive enough amount of sunlight. Place a thick layer of rich garden soil that’s aerated and infused with healthy microbes which facilitate plant growth. Plant your saplings in the soil. Make sure that they are small in height to fit in the glass aquarium, like a rose bush or a few ferns. After the planting is done, flip the aquarium over and just place it on the plant bed. Your very own greenhouse is ready. 

3. A simple greenhouse of cold frames

A cold frame greenhouse is for places where the climate is excessively cold, and plants hardly survive when left in the open. This is more like protective framework greenhouse for the plants. This technique can also be used for gardening in winter.

Use a wooden trunk for your greenhouse. Pry off the lid and the bottom of the trunk to get a wooden container with both ends open. Dig the garden according to the size of the trunk. The depth of the hole should be a few centimeters bigger than the depth of the trunk. Bury the open-ended trunk in the hole and fill the trunk with a six inches thick layer of top-soil. Plant the saplings and use a transparent, plastic sheet as the lid of the trunk.

4. A low budget greenhouse using PVC pipe framework

Use PVC pipes to build a modular greenhouse of any required dimensions. Use pipes of width 1.50 inches and bend and twist to make the base of the greenhouse. Use joints to join the pipes of the greenhouse. Build the framework of the roof and walls cover the roof and walls with a thick, transparent plastic sheet, and the structure is ready for greenhouse gardening.