5 Ways to Create A Mini Greenhouse

PVC pipes

If you are someone who loves greenhouses and wishes to have a mini one at home or any other area, then you have landed on the right page.  Greenhouses are not too difficult to create but require a little hardwork, precision and some useful tips and creative ideas.  You can either make a single plant greenhouse or have multiple plants in it. The following are the most effective 5 tips for creating a mini greenhouse:

PVC pipes

Use bottles and jars

One way to create a cheap and pleasing looking greenhouse is by making use of bottles and jars.  1 liter plastic soda bottles are great to grow short and shallow rooted plants, examples of which include cactus, fern and orchids.  Using these bottles by cutting the top of it can result in a beautiful looking single plant greenhouse. Some other bottles and jars that you can use for this purpose are mason jars, 1 gallon soda bottles and even a fish tank.

Use picture frames

Another way to create a mini greenhouse in a small space of the house is by making use of picture frames.  You can purchase frames of sizes-5×7 inch, 8×10 inch and 11×14 inch from local grocery or departmental stores.  Use the frames to create a box like structure and add a sloping roof to it as well.

Use PVC pipes

Another interesting way to create a mini greenhouse is by making use of PVC pipes.  For this you will need to get PVC pipes and joints.  After connecting the pipes through joints in a house like structure, you can cover it up with a plastic or cloth and place your mini plants into it. Make sure the structure is well connected together.

Use cups

You can also use mugs or cups to create your own cute looking tiny greenhouses.  You can use two disposable cups and punch holes on its bottom. Fill one of the cups with potting soil and place the second on top of it after adding seeding into the soil.

Bin greenhouse

Another idea to make your own mini greenhouse is by using ordinary storage bins that have a lid on top.  You can fill the bin with soil and plant any kinds of greens into it.  Make sure there is gap in between the lid and bin for air to get in.  Place this bin greenhouse in a sunny corner of the house.