What Should Be Considered If You Like To Have A Greenhouse?


GreenhouseGreenhouse gardening is a different style of gardening in which you can get lot of praising, rewards and self satisfaction.

Lot of effort and patience is required for this greenhouse gardening. You cannot give up this hobby after certain period of time because regular and essential maintenance is necessary for this.

First of all you have to choose appropriate plan or design for your greenhouse.

Your design should be in such a way that it should include space for every sort of plant you aim to keep.

The plants must be placed in perfect place depending on the attention and care they require. Try to place the plants which require daily attention closer to the door of your greenhouse.

After the issue of design, then comes the task of selecting the plants for your greenhouse. Don’t place different types of plants in it because the requirements of them will vary from one another and it will be difficult for you to take care of each and every plant.

So, try to select the plants which have similar needs as far as temperature, sunlight and watering are concerned.

If you want some different plants in your greenhouse then try to keep them near the place which will be more visible for you such as near the doors of the greenhouse.

This result in providing necessary care for your loved ones because daily attention is required for them and you can observe regularly when you walk into the structure.

Try to build your greenhouse in such a place or area where there is partial shade. If there is no shade then purchase shade curtain and use it. Six hours of sunlight is necessary for greenhouse.

So, select the place in which you can get sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours. Avoid building the structure in a place where there is lot of wind.

If you like to cover your greenhouse with a glass then you have to select the glass which has double and triple strength to avoid breakage and in order to prevent air leaks, the glass should be perfectly squared.

You must check or observe regularly for the breaks and damage if you place the glass in your greenhouse.

Wood is a popular frame for greenhouse because of its attractiveness. But the problem of rotting wood can be obtained with wood framed structures because wood will have the ability to retain water and moisture which will cause rotting and mold.

Greenhouses can also be built with metal. Try to have galvanized steel in order to prevent rusting. Metal creates fewer shadows when compared to wood and it is cheaper.

Most of the people prefer to have Plastic frames for their greenhouses because of its light weight and portability. But, you have to replace the plastic frames after few years because the UV rays of the sun will make the plastic to get worse.

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