Corsican Mint – Smaller But Equally Fit For Your Garden


There is one plant that surely will provoke interest to your garden – the Corsican Mint. It is a plant that usually grows between paving stones and adds an amazing atmosphere to your landscape. In case you want to have it in your garden, here are few tips how to grow the Corsican mint.

It is a plant that requires good drainage, so grow it in a pot, but place some sand in the soil. It will guarantee good drainage. Place the mint in places with dappled light, but make sure it isn’t an area with full shade.

Perhaps the most important part of growing Corsican mint is the soil moisture.

The plant strongly requires places with good moisture, but make sure it is not too moist, for it will kill the plant.

Another good tip is to use a deep fertilizer, which will strengthen the roots. The Corsican mint has tiny roots and they are very delicate, so you should consider placing the plant away from other plants.