Growing Herbs As Decorative Plants


herb gardeningHerbs are often regarded as mere weeds or only useful as spices for cooking.

This is in fact not at all true for they are both decorative plants and easy to grow, as well as having exclusive properties used for medical, culinary or crafting purposes.

Herbs in your garden will add a touch of originality as well as worth; you may choose the herbs you intend to plant in your garden by selecting amongst your favourite types.

The advantage of herb gardening is that they will grow in almost all types of soil, need little water and are less affected by insects and parasites, an ideal choice for first time gardeners.

Herbs are divided into three main categories, medicinal herbs, culinary herbs and crafting herbs.

Medicinal herbs are used as natural health remedies and amongst these a striking one is the Purple Coneflower or again the delicate St. Johns Wort, a shrub with a dainty flower.

There are so many of these, that you might choose according to the use you intend to make of them and whether you prefer them for the flower or fragrance, rather than for their medicinal properties.

Culinary herbs are simple; choose amongst the most popular, including Basil, Marjoram, Thyme and Oregano, although there are many other types such as Rosemary, whose flowers have a delicate lilac colour.

Crafting herbs may be used to produce soap, natural dyes or homemade paper amongst other useful household products, you would simply need to choose amongst the herbs that will be of most interest to you.

There are also perennial and annual herbs that you can grow in your garden or even indoors; you may also find it decorative to blend them in with your flower garden or vegetable patch.

Herbal gardens are easy to tend and a pleasure to use, smell, pick or simply admire.

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