Lavender – The Queen Of The Herbs And Hearts


Lavender is often labeled as the Queen of the herbs. This plant is also the best scent that any gardener will love to have in his garden. In case you want to grow lavender in your garden, this isn’t so difficult.

The English lavender is perhaps the most widely grown type of this scented herbal. It is a plant that doesn’t require much care.

english lavender 1

The English lavender can survive the winter moisture, just as any sort of lavender. Its sweet fragrance is being used in baking and cooking, as well as it is very useful for landscaping, because of its flowers.

Choose an area with full sun, in case you want to grow healthy lavender. The soil is also an easy choice. The lavender grows well, if the soil isn’t wet or too heavy. It has to be a well drained soil.

english lavender 2

You can use a special fertilizer, in case you want to encourage the growth. The Hidcote English lavender is also a good idea, especially if you have a small garden.

Its purple blue flowers are real jewels in any garden. It blooms from late spring to early summer, but another bonus is its strong fragrance. Actually the Hidcote has the strongest lavender scent.