Pots Can Be The Ideal Place For Your Kitchen Herbs


How many times have you had to go to the store to get herbs for dinner? If you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs, chances are that you are there on a pretty regular basis. Getting herbs at the market can turn into quite an expensive habit.

Think about it…gas prices are rising by the day and it takes gas to get to the market. Then you’ve got the cost of the herbs themselves. They are not inexpensive.

There is a solution for this…and a green one too. Grow the herbs yourself in your backyard or kitchen. This will save gas, time and money. It is not that hard to do either.

Get a few planting pots that have good drainage and fill them with potting soil. Plant the seeds according to the instructions on the packages. Keep them in sunlight and water as needed. Pretty soon you will have your own herbs growing.

Just imagine how much better your food will taste when it has the herbs in it that you grew yourself.