The Herbal Way To Add Beauty To Your Garden


herb gardenIf you are not up to growing herbs for consumption or medicinal purposes then you might as well grow them to enhance the beauty of your garden [Herb Gardens]. Talk about being multi functional.

Herbs have an appealing physical appearance and they come in a variety forms so you have a wide choice to choose from.

Herbs are not strenuous to plant. All they need is a well drained soil like many plants. Soil that is rich in nutrients ensures the maximum growth of this plant so enrich your soil with manure and mulched leaves for best results.

These plants also enjoy a lot of sunlight and a limited amount of wind so keep in mind these two factors when you are choosing the location of these plants.

Thyme is a type of herb that creeps along the ground. To beautify your garden plant this herb along a path in your yard or garden or as a hanging mass from a window. Anywhere and anyhow is fine as long as it does what you intent it to do and that is to beautify your garden.

The herb Oregano grows flowers that are very beautiful and you will appreciate the sheer beauty when the flowers finally bloom.

Lavender also grows equally beautiful flowers and these flowers are both edible and produce a nice fragrance. They can also be used in making nice tasting teas.

Rosemary grows into lovely hedges that flower and therefore will be ideal to plant around your garden or yard.

Another herb is the Calendula. This brightly colored flower is beautiful and appealing to anyone who looks at it. They close each night but open up to the touch of the morning light.

Watch as it slowly opens up to the sunrise and executes sheer beauty in the process. You shouldn’t exclude such from your beautiful flower or herb collection. They are also good for salads and stews.

An addition to the flower garden is the hyssop and sage herbs. These are beautiful flowers that attract butterflies and bees to your garden.

The presence of bees and butterflies is always associated with beauty and sweet or nice scented plants. Why not have all this in your own home garden?

Herbs are incredibly beautiful and will be a great addition to any garden. They are definitely worth the effort and if you are going to plant them in your garden then consider all of the above mentioned.