Uses Of Growing Herbs At Home Garden


growing herbGrowing herbs is of much interest to the enthusiast, parsley and chives are a must for picking fresh daily.

Collecting herbs is a fascinating hobby and you can grow them in your vegetable garden or try to be more creative and grow them in more resort places all around your yard to give out a natural scent.

Creeping thyme chamomile and peppermint are valuable in giving the much-needed scent.

Growing herbs around the yard is also worth wile as you can use the bushes as shrub borders. Rosemary and lavender are ideal for trim hedges.

Some people use herbs in food and drink more than the rest of us, it might prove interesting to grow new types of herbs each season in order to become familiar with them, at least 2or 3 bushes of herbs will be enough for an average home yard. Some can be grown in window boxes or even in pots on the kitchen windowsill.

When growing herbs in window boxes it is important to grow each herb in its own pot, for avoiding fast growing herbs to overgrow others. Always remember to plant annual and perennial herbs separately.

If there is little space available it is best to fence off the roots of those aggressive perennials like mint with corrugated metal and it has to be 6 inches deep. Control fennel seedlings to prevent them from seeding itself everywhere by weeding out them regularly.

Well-drained fertile soil, which is not too rich, is ideal for growing herbs. It should have equal parts of topsoil, sand, well-rotted compost and peat. Thyme, marjoram, sage and lavender would do best in lime dressing. Wood-ash may be given as annual dressing. Herbs like sunny conditions.

Herbs should be watered once a week. In drought seasons it would be best to water more than just a week, since some need more water than others do.

Herbs can be grown from seed snow in spring, in the open or seed boxes. Creeping herbs like mint or thyme can be grown from roots. Mint can even be grown from cuttings.

Herbs can be used while leaves are fresh or can be dried or stored. A list of herbs that you should at least have planted somewhere in your house or yard is parsley, mint and chives. [indoor herb garden]

“Did you know that ordinary flowers such as crystallized violets, rose-petals jam and marigold petals can be eaten in pea soup?”

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