How to Add Value to your Home through your Garden

add value to your home through your garden

There is a huge demand for housing in the UK at present, which the current level if supply is unable to satisfy. With property prices also maintaining steady growth nationwide and particularly throughout the South of England, this creating a sellers’ market where aspiring vendors are able to apply a premium price to their home.

With this point in mind, it is clear that the existing marketplace also provides an ideal opportunity for individuals who are looking to sell their property without forcing them to compromise on its underlying value.

add value to your home through your garden

How to Add Value to your Home through your Garden

While interior design modifications can help to boost the value of your home, these are typically costly and not necessarily capable of delivering the best value for your hard earned money. The same cannot be said for garden alterations, however, as remodelling your outdoor space can also drive value without forcing you to spend as much. Consider the following: –

1. Optimise Space and Storage

One of the key issues with modern, new-build homes is that they tend to be relatively small and compact in size. This means that families and interested buyers are always likely to require additional storage space, so long as it does not clutter the interior of their new home.

If you have an adequately spaced garden, you should therefore look to reorganise the layout so that it optimises the room available and allows for the installation of a shed or neatly designed storage unit. The optimisation of space not only establishes a sense of luxury, but it also enables buyers to store non-perishable items outside such as power tools and safety work wear.

2. Install a Simple Water Feature

While water features are often considered as being fairly lavish items of expenditure, modern trends have led to the creation of various models that are available for less. From self-contained features to those that are more expansive and open-plan, these fixtures not only improve the value of your home but also serve as an eye-catching focal point that make your property stand-out from its competitors.

This means that you are likely to experience a higher level of demand among potential buyers, which will help to drive up your asking price further.

3. Add Decking and Indoor-style Furniture

Modern interior and exterior design trends are generally holistic, as the prevailing desire is to create a uniform space that seamlessly fuses both indoor and outdoor features. With the boundaries between interior and exterior design principles becoming, blurred, you therefore have the ideal opportunity to remodel your garden and add inherent value.

By laying quality decking and investing in furniture that replicates indoor chairs and coffee tables, for example, you can instantly modernise your garden and improve its appeal in the current market. This will have a direct impact on the value of your home, and the asking price that you are able to apply over time.

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