How To Build Raised Garden?


Raised garden beds can prove to be a boon for those who battle hard with soil conditions. They can also be used to advantage by gardeners who prefer not to bend too much or are limited as movement being in a wheelchair. Raised beds can be as low as just 6” above the soil surface and as high as 24” to facilitate a bad back. Here are a few things one needs to know when learning how to build raised garden.

how to build raised gardenRaised gardens are normally used to grow vegetables and fruits or even herbs. They have the advantage of good controlled soil conditions.

Raised gardens are also advantageous in keeping pests like slugs and snails away. They also work great at keeping weeds at bay. All these advantages will tempt any gardener to learn how to build raised garden.

Raised gardens can be built in various ways to suit your conditions. Some gardeners prefer to stack hay bales in any configuration that pleases them and load them with top soil to create their raised garden.

It works very well if you don’t mind creating a new raised garden every year as the hay will invariably decompose. This is a good temporary option too if you are looking to build a permanent raised garden soon.

To know how to build raised garden you need to start by demarcating the area where you wish to have one and bordering it with lumber, stone, rails or any other material that will hold the soil in. Once your frame is ready you will need to put in plenty of compost soil topped with top soil to give you a good gardening area for your vegetables, fruits, herbs or even flowers.

You can also buy readily available wooden raised garden beds that need minimum installation and you will have pest and insect resistant raised beds. The pre made raised gardens can vary in height from 6” to 24” to suit your needs.

Some of these are complete solutions with built in irrigation system, trellis for climbing plants and even rabbit proof fencing, the perfect option for someone who doesn’t want too much of a hassle.

Making your own raised garden gives you the freedom of choice. You can decide the exact measurements (depending on how much space you have), height and placement. It is not only interesting to learn how to build raised garden but also provides you the satisfaction of having created a thing of pleasure.