How to Build Your Own Fish Pond

Fish pond

While it might sound intimidating, building your own fish pond isn’t as daunting as it might seem. If you have the land and resources, you can make almost anything work. And no, we don’t mean one of those swanky koi fish ponds (thank you very much). We mean a large pond that spans over acres, adds value to your home, enhances the beauty of your land and provides hours of entertainment.

Fish pond

Make a Plan

Before you go bulldozing your land, there are some things you need to take into consideration. How large will your pond be? What type of fish will it hold? Will it also be used for livestock? Could it spill over to your neighbor’s property? You need to have the answers for these questions before starting work on your pond. Also, check with your local and state offices to ensure you are legally able to build on your land.

Choose the Spot

Ideally, you’ll have an area on your land that has a natural gully. This land hollow should have higher banks to provide a natural dam for your pond. But fear not! If you don’t have this type of natural land, you can make your own dams.

Check the Soil

Bad soil is bad news. Nothing is worse than having a pond half of the year and a meadow the other half. So be sure to check the soil before you start the process. You can take measures to seal the area by packing clay into the bottom of your pond or even layering sheets of durable plastic.

Outline the Shore

Sometimes it is hard to envision something unless you can see it, and this is true for ponds. Take stakes or string, and outline the shore of your pond. This way you can see all possible drainage paths before they cause damage.

Get Help

While you might be handy with a bulldozer, it is always a good idea to get some help with the execution of your pond. You can hire teams to dig out your pond. You can also consult with a pond expert to ensure you aren’t making a very expensive mistake.

Choose Fish and Vegetation

Now for the fun part. Choose your fish wisely, whether they are catfish or bass, and be sure to provide plenty of food sources for them. Also, take their natural habitats into consideration when building your pond. Do they like to hide and hunt around rocks or dead trees? Be sure to provide places the fish will enjoy.

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