How To Get A Bamboo Plant And Keep It Alive?


bamboo plantIf you are anything like me you cannot keep an inside plant alive for anything.

I am always looking for low maintenance yet pleasant looking plants to bring into my home. I love greenery.

I think greenery in the form of plants just add so much to a home, including the air quality.

So I would like to recommend that you try caring for a bamboo plant, they are relatively low maintenance and very aesthetically pleasing. So go to your nearest lawn and garden store and purchase a bamboo plant and we will start our lesson on how to keep it alive.

When you first bring home your bamboo plant, water it; however, do not water it with tap water as there are chemicals in tap water. Water your bamboo plant with bottled or filtered water.

Another option for those of you who are a bit more advanced in your ‘green thumb’ ways is to borrow some soiled water from a fish tank if you have one. This water is perfect to water your bamboo plant with.

Completely cover the roots of the bamboo plant and make sure the container is more than half filled. After you ensure the roots have been submerged you can dump out the water. Water your bamboo plant with this exact strategy once a week.

The bamboo plant needs moderate lighting. Moderate lighting means some sunlight for some parts of the day. For example, if you put it in direct sunlight it will die and if you don’t give it enough sunlight it will turn yellow and become sick.

Your best bet is to put your bamboo plant near a window that gets sunlight for half of the day (choose either a west facing window or east facing window) but a window that is somewhat obstructed by trees or shade.

Once a month, take a few drops of aquarium plant food and drop them into water for your bamboo plant. Think of this as feeding your bamboo plant. You will water the bamboo plant like you do weekly, however this time the drops of aquarium plant food will be in the water.

If you opt to keep your bamboo plant in a soiled pot instead of a container make sure the soil is always a bit moist but not too wet. The top layer of the soil should never become dry if it does you need to water your bamboo plant.

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