How To Grow A Garden In The Shade?


Those of us who have gardens are perennially looking out for ways that make our gardens stand out and look good at the same time. One problem area that many face is the simple fact that it is quite difficult to grow plants under the shade of bigger trees.[Gardening Information]

Leaving the place bare or empty seems to be a criminal waste of precious garden space. There is a simple yet effective and beautiful way to get around this sore space and even make it eye-catching.

shade gardening 1

Gardens in the shade can be nurtured and grown with a little care and understanding. The first thing you need to know is exactly how much sunlight reaches the place.

The choice of plants would depend on if the place receives direct sunlight for a few hours a day or filtered sunlight through the branches of the tree.

shade gardening 2

In case there is no sunlight reaching the place it is recommended that the tree be thinned out a little to allow some sunlight to filter through.

It would be wise to choose white or light colored flowers to grow in the shade as they will be able to stand out in the dark space. Ferns and other leafy plants where the leaves stand out are also good choices.

shade gardening 3

Some of the popular plants that do well in shade are North American bee balm, bleeding heart, squirrel-corn, plantain lilies, meadow rue, ostrich fern, Christmas fern, cinnamon fern and others.