How To Grow Swiss Chard?


In case you don’t know, Swiss chard is perhaps one of the most interesting and tastiest vegetables, when it comes to leafy vegetables.

Just like the spinach and the lettuce, the chard is very light and delicious and doesn’t require any special care. Growing chard is almost like growing lettuce.

swiss chard

One of the most important steps when it comes to growing this kitchen-vegetable is the soil preparation. Chard likes rich soil, so make sure you are having a proper fertilizer. Another recommendation for the proper soiling is the area you will place the chard. Make sure it is a sunny place with well-drained soil.

The right timing for sowing is 2-3 weeks before the last frost. You can also sow the chard until late summer.

The spacing is another issue you need to take care of. Always plant them in rows about1½ feet apart. Water the chard often, especially in the first weeks of its growth and during dry periods of time. Fertilizers have to be dug in the compost before the planting.

The most common disease is the yellow spot on the leaves. Flea beetles are also bad for your chard as they chew little holes on the leaves. Use the right pesticides to get rid of the diseases and the flea beetles.