Affordable And Edible Green Window Treatments


indoor gardeningFor those living in an apartment, gardening may seem impossible.

If you have a large sunny window, you can have your own little thriving garden.

If your window is deep enough, you can install narrow glass shelves inside the frame.

The shelves are usually available at most large hardware and home improvement stores.

If the window frame is too shallow for shelves, you may have to improvise. It may be possible to find a large plant stand or to mount shelves outside the actual window frames.

There are a variety of plants that are available for a small container garden. Miniature strawberries or rosebushes, most types of herbs, traditional house plants like philodendron and aloe, and flowers like violets which don’t require much root space can all be planted in a window garden.

Chose attractive pots in size that will fit securely on your shelves. Consider long narrow planters to hold multiple plants. If you have an indoor pet, make sure whatever you plant is not harmful to your pet.

Leave enough room between the shelves to allow all the plants to receive sunshine and grow. Make sure you know how to care for individual plants so that your green curtain doesn’t turn brown.

Those who plant herbs like dill, rosemary, thyme, sage, mint and parsley, will be able to enjoy and share the fruits of their labors with their friends. Fresh herbs are a wonderful addition to almost any dish. For gardeners, this curtain is better than the finest designer window treatments.

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