Air-Cleaning Plants For Your City Apartment To Create The Perfect Garden Air


There are few different plants that are known for their air-cleaning ability. These plants are extremely useful and according to the experts their leaves are able to absorb pollutants. The top-air cleaning plants are species like Areca palm, Reed palm, Boston fern, Peace lily and rubber plant.

areca palm

You can easily set up these plants into your city apartment, but make sure to add only 3 of them in a room. It is also necessary to clean the leaves often.

boston ferns

Wipe them with a damp cloth and keep the air moist by misting the plants. Don’t place them in rooms, where there are drafts or temperature changes. The care for these plants is easy and doesn’t require any specific treatment.

peace lily

These plants are also needed when it comes to certain level of humidity. They absorb the pollutants and meanwhile they are adding the necessary humidity that is combating respiratory and some allergic conditions.

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