Cash Crop 2.0 Hydroponics Grow Box – An Ideal Indoor Growing System


Indoor growing systems are used for in-house plant cultivation. These are systems which enable a full growing season indoors, when outdoors do not support the growth of cash crops. Some of the most commonly used indoor growing systems are lighting systems and hydroponic systems. Hydroponics is a technique where plants are grown in nutrient enriched water.


Features and Technical Specifications

Grow boxes are the most popular hydroponic systems used to cultivate cash crops. Cash Crop 2.0 Hydroponics Grow Box is one such system that enables easy growth of auto-flowering crops such as tomatoes and herbs all through the year. The box has many incredible features that set it apart from the rest. It is a complete package for growing cash crops in closed environs that includes:

1. Carbon filter, lock and key type locking system for the doors

2. 6 each of plant hydroponic pump and oxygenators, net pots and grow cubes

3. Nutrient supplies, flower bulbs, spectrum bulbs and carbon filters in the exhaust that prevent unpleasant odor in the box.

Why Choose Cash Crop 2.0

Cash Crop 2.0 Hydroponics Grow Box from is the most affordable in the league of high quality hydroponics grow box. It ensures that your plants grow and thrive in this unit. With its annual produce of 2.5 pounds of dried plant matter, the unit is ideal for your home garden as well. The grow box is also a great  saving on your energy costs as the 6 bulbs use only 180w of power per growth stage. It is available in two dimension options – standard and deluxe. Cash Crop 2.0 Hydroponics Grow Box is an upgraded version of its predecessor and comes with added features such as complete silence during the growth phase and timers that can automate the system completely.

In addition to all these Grow Boxes comes with round the clock technical support, a year’s supply of the all-in-one nutrients and a life time of guarantee. The icing on the cake is that offers this amazing technology at the lowest pricing of $395.

Cash Crop 2.0 in a Nutshell

In brief Cash Crop 2.0 is a grow box that can be used for:

1. Growing plants from seeds to the harvesting stage.

2. Stealth growing plants achieved at lowest power consumption, odorless and high security systems.

3. Raising plants using water based nutrient transfer in place of soil, thus saving a lot of space and effort.

4. Domestic and commercial purposes based on need.