The 4 Common Mistakes: Indoor Gardening

common mistakes in indoor gardening

Enjoying the fresh produce from one’s own indoor garden is a pleasure everyone must experience. But keeping up the indoor garden and growing the plants successfully is a path fraught with a number of possible mistakes. There are quite a lot of mistakes that completely damage the indoor garden and are also quite commonly made by home gardeners. To help avoid them, the mistakes are listed below with a snapshot briefing.

common mistakes in indoor gardening1. Bad Soil Choice

There are many components to efficient and successful gardening and soil is one the most important one and hence one of the most common mistakes people make is in this regard. People who tend to overlook or ignore the quality and health of the soil are making a huge mistake. This is because it is the nutrients in the soils that enrich whatever is grown in the garden. So make sure to take necessary steps to maintain the nutrient holding health of the garden soil.

2. Lighting

Whoever believes that indoor gardening goes with too little or absence of light has it all wrong! So another common mistake people make with their indoor gardens is to misplace the plants in the garden or to misplace the whole garden area.

Light is essential for the growth of the plants and their productivity. So never make the mistake of placing the indoor garden in an area which receives little light. It is also a mistake to place the plants that need little light under direct sunlight while shadowing the ones that need more light.

3. Too much Watering or too Little Water

what’s your mistake: All the plants and grass types need different amounts of water to properly grow and reach maturity. It is a huge mistake to supplying one’s plant with water quantities without knowing the right amount of water needed for that particular plant. Any of the two- under watering and over watering, the plants is a huge mistake. The plants will either drown or will dry out in case of too much water or too little water respectively.

4. Cramped up the garden

Each and every plant in the indoor garden must be given adequate space to extend its roots and grow to its optimal. Every plant will need some minimum space to grow properly i.e. while some will grow well in little depth, the root of many other go very deep into the ground and extend all around. It is thus a mistake to not leave adequate spacing between the different plants that one is growing in his/ her indoor garden.