Gardenias: Wonderful Fragrance Shrubs For Window Containers


gardeniasGardenia’s green shining leaves and wonderful fragrance will captivate your attention.

When you want to include fragrance shrubs in indoors or in window containers, gardenias are a perfect choice for you.

But, unfortunately, it is quite rare to succeed growing gardenias in average window conditions.

So, you can purchase a thriving gardenia plant from a green house that is covered with tight bulbs. Here are some tips for growing and maintenance of gardenia plant.

  • Ensure that the soil for gardenia plants contains rich nutrients and has high acidic content as well. You can increase the acidity of the soil by adding sufficient acidifying fertilizers.
  • A gardenia plant must never dry out and you always have to keep the soil moist. Be certain to water the bottom of the plant and also remember to spray water to foliage its leaves daily.
  • Gardenia plants adore and require sunlight, but you should remember to keep them out of direct sunlight, particularly when the leaves of the plant are wet from watering or spraying.
  • Examine for dirty growth of mold on the gardenia’s plant leaves that indicate infection of whitefly. You can set out yellow sticky traps around the pot when your gardenia plants are suffering from whitefly infections.
  • Gardenias do not survive in winter, when the temperatures drop below 15 degrees Gardenias will begin to wither. In winter seasons you can grow gardenia plant healthily within a pot indoors with enough humidity and bright light.

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