Growing Peace Lilies To Add Beauty To Your Home!


peace liliesDoes your home have sufficient sunlight to grow houseplants? Peace lilies are wonderful options for you to grow indoors.

Peace lilies are attractive flowering plants to include in your home and they don’t require much light because they can easily thrive in average room temperatures.

It is quite easy to grow peace lilies as long as you take proper care of it.

You can simply place them in indoor light and regularly keep the soil moist to get beautiful bloom of peace lilies.

However, there are certain rules and obligations that you must follow while growing peace lilies.

Rules for growing peace lilies

  • Window sheer shade is the perfect place to keep peace lilies. As peace lilies have a low light requirement, always place the plants in your home that receives low sun light. Don’t expose the plant to direct sunlight for more than 3 hours a day.
  • Always keep the plant of the soil moist and whenever you notice dryness in the soil, water the soil with room temperature water.
  • Make sure to prune the plant at least once a month to eliminate wither or discolored flowers and leaves.
  • Clean the leaves of the plant with wet cloth every month to eliminate the dust accumulated on it. As peace lilies are wonderful tropical plants, they love humidity. So, occasionally spray some water with room temperature to provide mist to the leaves.