Useful Tips for Growing Plants Indoors


Many aspects of our lives have been overtaken by urban living, and this is why a lot of people have given up gardening. Nonetheless there is also the possibility to be growing plants indoors.

The good thing about this activity is that the plants remove the carbon monoxide from the house and they release oxygen. Naturally the things that the plants need can be found outdoors, and so you need to bring them indoors for indoor plant growing. Such factors include light, humidity, temperature, nutrition, water and soil.

Light needed for growing plants indoors

Growing Plants IndoorsIt is quite easy to measure the amount of light that the plant would get if you observe how much shade there is.

Location can be described through bright light, medium light and low light. Bright light means that there are at least four hours of sunshine.

There are a lot of things that influence light regarding growing plants indoors such as the time of year, window dressing, reflections and roof overhangs.

In case there isn’t enough light, you could supplement it with artificial lighting.


This is also one of the factors that make all the difference regarding indoor plant growing. Humans usually like 72-82 degrees, while plants prefer 58-86 degrees. Most probably if you feel comfortable with the temperature, it is good for indoor plant growing as well.


Usually the humidity of air is between 20% and 50%. The greenhouses have over 50% air humidity. In case the plants get removed from the greenhouse, growing plants indoors will become more difficult. To make up for it, you should keep a water source near the plants, or use a humidifier.


Some consider plant watering an art, because it is very important how much water the roots get. Indoor plant growing is influenced by type, growing medium, size, container and also light. While some plants need a lot of water, others need very little.

Watering too much can harm growing plants indoors, because there could be a salt build up around the side of the container, or it could cause the roots to rot.

In order to know when to water you should insert your finger in the soil to about one inch of depth. If it is dry, you should water, but if it isn’t, indoors gardening is just fine. There are also some gadgets that could measure moisture level for you.

As you can see in the majority of the cases it isn’t that difficult to be growing plants indoors, and there is nothing special that they require that you never knew about. Naturally there are all kinds of gadgets and machines that have come with the advancements of technology and they can help you with your plants, so that you won’t have to do almost anything to grow them.

Nonetheless a lot of gardeners who like growing plants indoors don’t like to use all these because they claim that they reduce the satisfaction that they get from gardening.

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