Selecting Indestructible House Plants


spider plantThere are some house plants that are very easy to grow even for those without green fingers.

Most like a sunny spot but are happy as long as there is light at some part of the day.

Spider plants are very generous with growth and they produce plantlets very freely. These are often grown in baskets so that they can hang over and trail. The small plantlets, sometimes known as ‘babies’, can be carefully removed and potted on. Although beware if you keep going you might find yourself completely outnumbered.

Schlumbergera, often called Christmas cacti, trails and have very vibrant flowers that bloom in Winter. They will thrive even if neglected so they are worth growing for novices.

If you cut them back after flowering will keep the shape nicer. If you want to use them as a Christmas focal point, then you can delay the start of flowering by keeping them in a dark place.

You will probably know the Sansevieria better by the name Mother-in-law’s tongue, so called because of its sharp upright leaves and because it is hard to kill off.

They do not require a lot of light so can be placed where other will not tolerate. Like with all house plants be careful not to over water, this how most plants die.

Other house plants worth trying are the Aspidistra, or Cast Iron plant, which again can take a lot of forgetfulness in care.

Epipremnum and the various varieties of Dracaena all have reputations for growing almost anywhere and under most neglectful circumstances.