Ways to Take Care of Indoor Plants when you are Away on Vacation

take care of indoor plants when you are away on vacation

Keeping plants indoor is a great way to have a lively space and enough oxygen inside your home. Though it is easy to take care of them while you are there but you cannot leave the plants unattended when you are away.

Although it takes effort, it is significant to take proper care of your indoor plants when you are away from home, as otherwise the plants may get spoiled due to lack of water and care.

take care of indoor plants when you are away on vacation

Given below are some tips to take care of your indoor plants when you are away on vacation:

Some Precautionary Measures

You need to water all the indoor plants thoroughly the day before you are leaving on vacation. It is advisable to remove overgrowth of mature plants as this can reduce their requirement when you are away. Spraying hydrogen peroxide mixture on soil and branches of plants can kill unwanted pests.

Arrange Alternate Watering System

You can arrange some gallon jugs filled with water and keep them close to the plant pots with some normal twine strings put inside, with few inches of the string remaining outside. These outside twine can be kept inside your plant pot so that the soil remain moist by the water travelling through the twine. Besides you need to keep the plant pots in places where they get enough sunlight, not too much though as this may dry the soil fast.

Arrange Someone to Care

If you are away for longer duration, it is best to ask help from your friend or neighbour to take care of the indoor plants. You need to instruct them about the exact way to water the plants and also how to use any fertiliser if required. It is best to take precautions to avoid seeing your plants in a miserable stage later.

It is ideal to clean all your plants the day before you leave and remove all dead leaves and flowers from them. You can also wash them thoroughly and drain all excess water from the saucers. Keeping your indoor plants inside individual plastic bags is another good idea to keep the humidity high with a few slits on it for ventilation.

Although sunlight is good for plants, it is significant to arrange it adequately and should not be in direct sunlight for longer periods. Water your plants adequately before leaving.