The Right Way to Take Care of Your Indoor Plants


In case you are an indoor plants fan you would wish from the bottom of your heart to have a home that will sparkle with the beauty of the flowers you raise in pots. Even if this task may seem somehow difficult this dream can come true without fuss following simple rules.

indoor plantsPlants can grow beautifully in a closed environment. They simply have to be treated differently compared to the way you treat your outdoor plants.

If you follow a few simple steps, your plants will look exactly like the ones you are tempted to buy every time you pass by a flower shop window.

Everybody knows that when you buy a plant you should verify carefully whether it is healthy.

After you buy it, do not deposit the plant in the trunk of your car, not even for a short while. Taking it out from an aired environment and putting it in a closed, darker and colder one will damage the plant.

Keep the plants in a slightly cool environment. If it is too warm they will fade very quickly. The average temperature is the right way to go but you have to consider the plant’s needs.

During winter, remove the plants from any area where they could catch a draft. If you put them on a window sill behind a curtain, they will enjoy the light and yet be protected.

watering indoor plantsFollow the plant watering routine very strictly. Do not hesitate to use fertilizers that you can buy from any garden shop.

Still make sure you buy the right type of fertilizer for your plants. Fertilization should take place on well determine intervals, otherwise it will interfere with the plant’s development.

Every time the plant blooms, when the blooming fades, it must be removed in order to stimulate the plant to grow new leaves. Also when the leaves show signs of sickness or they start drying, removing them is the right way to go. Waiting for them to fall on their own will waste the plant’s resources.

Make sure you periodically check out the plant for signs of sickness. In some cases a mild bug repellant would help solve the problem.

Still in many cases removing the sick portion of the plant may be imperative in order to save it. So the sooner you act on this type of problem, the better.

The whole idea of carrying for your indoor plants brings in a truly satisfying feeling. In return for a few minutes of attention during a day you get an amazing house beautified by your shining indoor plants.