Tips for Growing Vegetables Indoors During Winter


Although a lot of people imagine gardening as an outdoor activity, growing vegetables indoors is also possible. You just have to choose those vegetables that don’t need a lot of space and whose soil needs little maintenance as well.

Before you buy seeds for you indoor vegetable growing, you should look for those kinds of vegetables that you and your family will enjoy eating, otherwise your work will be in vain. Making a choice is not that difficult as it may seem at first. You have many options including cherry tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, eggplant, radish, sage, thyme, parsley and so on.

Growing Vegetables IndoorsIn case of indoor vegetable growing there are a lot of people who prefer to have lettuce, because it can be eaten any time.

On the other hand other gardeners opt for spinach because there are many foods that you can make of it and it can be stored for a long period of time.

Beans also represent a good choice and it is extremely suitable if you would like to involve your kids into gardening too.

Cherry tomatoes are also great for growing vegetables indoors, but they need a larger container and when the plant starts to produce fruit you need to add a stake to make sure that the stalk won’t bend.

Before you start indoor vegetable growing you should ensure that the plants would receive direct sunlight for about 6 hours every day. Nonetheless the sunlight shouldn’t be too strong, so that it wouldn’t burn the plants.

It is very important to have enough space for the activity. You can use just any kinds of containers that you would like to. The important thing for them is to be big enough for the plants and to offer enough drainage. If you are taking growing vegetables indoors seriously, you might want to invest in pots that have a small hole near the bottom where you can fill them and have a reservoir to store the water.

Although you are into indoor vegetable growing, you could have problems with pests. This is why you should check the plants from time to time for any signs of pest infection.

If you assess the problem at an early stage you can stop it from turning into an infestation, and usually it is enough to have a spray bottle with soap and water.

When you plant your plants you should make sure that they aren’t too close to each other. All plants need some air, and this way it is easier to control the pests in case of growing vegetables indoors.

At the beginning indoor vegetable growing might be a hobby, and you may not be after the products, but after you have eaten the first freshly picked cherry tomato in the middle of winter you will realize that it is worth the effort, and it may become more than just a spare time hobby.

The good thing about growing vegetables indoors is that it doesn’t require a lot of time.