Do You Want A Beautiful Lawn This Spring?


If you want your lawn to look best in all seasons, it takes lot of effort and you should take special care of your lawn in spring.

However, it is not overly hard work, but there are few most essential things that you have to consider in spring lawn care.

Few spring lawn care tips


Raking is more than just removing clutter of leaves from your lawn. It is also about controlling thatch as well. So, while raking your lawn, be sure to make an effort to rake deeply to eliminate thatch as well.

Controlling weeds

First of all, before controlling the weeds in your garden, you must know whether they are annual or perennial. The best method to control weeds is fall aeration. Always remember, don’t try to aerate in spring as it can promote more weed production.


When it comes to fertilizing the lawn, never attempt to use chemical fertilizers, instead, it would be better to go for organic fertilizers. Remember to purchase organic fertilizers in best garden stores.

Lawn mowing

Don’t cut your lawn too short because it can allow the roots of the grass to get extreme exposure to sun and wind as well. Even, overexposure of lawn soil to these particular elements of nature promotes weed propagation in your lawn. So, try to avoid over mowing of lawn in all possible ways.