Easy Steps To Maintain The Lawn


watering lawnLawn is one interesting hobby that you can find yourself doing at your spare time.

There are many species of lawns all around the world; it all depends on the common type found in your area.

The way you care for the lawns is all the same where ever you may be. One big problem lawns have is winter times.

Some lawns remain perennially green in frost free areas but lawns in frosty areas become dormant in winter and turn brown.

Do not try force the grass to remain ever green by watering during the dry season. This will only encourage fungus diseases from developing, and the growth of Poa annua, a bright green weed which thrives in those conditions. This weed will be really difficult to deal with because it seeds itself fast and freely.

Watering your lawn

How do you water your lawn then? Lawns that become dormant on winter should not be watered during those winter months they may look brown but can still look even better at the right time.

During summer there is need to water your lawn appropriately. If lawn is not watered adequately it first loses it resilience, which is shown by foot prints remaining on the grass. [Lawn care tips]

The color begins to fade away turning brown and the grass then dies. The roots may remain alive after the top dies, to revitalize the lawn watering should be introduced.

Water for lawn care is essential during hot periods and it is essential to add the lost water back by watering the lawn once each week. To replace the lost water lawn requires at least an inch of water. To get this inch sprinklers need to stay for about two to three hours to build up the inch.

Dealing with weeds

Weeds may become very controlling to the lawn distorting the appearance of your lawn; this is usually common in growing lawn. On planting your lawn you can spray weed killer to prevent the weeds from growing as they will be killed on germination.

Weed killer needs to be used more carefully in calm conditions because careless use of weed killers can burn and kill the grass. When the lawn has formed the mat, well fed and watered it will crowd out the weeds. Controlling lawn weeds is one important aspect of lawn care.

Adding nutrients to the lawn

Feeding the lawn is also very important when it comes to lawn care; the fact that is has a lot of plants crowded together makes it essential to feed it adequately and regularly. For those of you who are environmentalists you can go the old fashioned way the use of top dressings.

The lawn will turn green quickly because it will be growing through the black soil. There is something to also consider, using inorganic fertilizer to feed your lawn.

Most people’s fear of killing the garden soil is not all that possible because lawn adds to the soil organic matter to balance with the fertilizer to be used.

Very few insect pests harm lawns apart from the harvest termites and wood eating termites. To get rid of the harvest termites during your lawn care, apply a bait of sodium fluosilicate. To drive the wood eating termites away, water the lawn with 5per cent of DDT, BHC or calcium arsenate.

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