Eco Friendly Landscaping Ideas For Late Autumn


landscaping1Fix up your garden into an eco friendly environment this autumn.

We all want an eco friendly surrounding but often we wait for the first person to throw the stone.

While you wait and continue to harm the environment, what you don’t realize is you are digging yourself and others into a hole.

So get out of that hole and start doing some landscaping that is not harmful to your environment.

Muscle powered lawn mowers can be used instead of the gas driven lawn mowers. These are called reel lawn mowers.

They may require a lot of work as compared to the gas driven lawn mower but the good thing is they are eco-friendly and they do the job.

Avoid using pesticides and other chemicals on your lawn. It’s bad for your pets and your children. Dogs have a tendency of eating grass when they have an upset tummy. It seems to work because I have seen my dog do it several times.

Well it really won’t help much if he is going to eat that same grass that is drowned in chemicals. Use a more organic approach when taking care of your lawn.

At least you will not have to look over your shoulder every time your child is playing on the lawn.

Reduce the amount of space that your lawn covers. This will reduce the amount of time and energy you are going to use when using the reel mower. It also reduces the amount of water you are going to use when watering your lawn.

We all know that perfect green lawn needs a lot of water. It will not help if you keep that huge chunk of lawn yet you still want to conserve on water. Unless you look at other eco friendly methods that you are going to use to take care of your lawn other than reducing the size.

Choose plants that are eco friendly to plant around your garden. Just visit any gardening shop and they will point you at the right ones.

For example, native wild plants are perfect for your yard. They also attract insects that birds may love to eat. Enjoy watching birds fly in your yard because of these flowers.

Also select flowers that are locally grown in your area. Getting ones that are not originally from other places with different climates will force you to use chemicals so they may survive under your climate.

Even the lighting you are going to put in your yard should be taken into consideration.

Avoid buying lights that have toxic plastic resins and are not recyclable. Ask your local store for more eco-friendly solar lights.

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