Effective and easy tips to Get Rid of Moss in Lawn

moss in lawn

Mosses are tiny plants that form an environment for small invertebrates. Although, mosses are benign and native in nature and mostly grows in vegetation’s, like gardens, lawns and paddy fields. They don’t kill your plant, instead prevents soil erosion; but the disadvantage of mosses are that they ruin the look of the lawn and also spreads extensively throughout the grass in no time.

Regular lawn moss treatment and keeping a clean and well maintained garden helps you to keep away mosses. Mostly chemicals are used to get rid of mosses in lawns but along with it there are some tips and tricks that can aid you in keeping them away. Here are some of them –

moss in lawn Start with Raking

Raking can be a wonderful idea to get rid of the moss. You can spray a little bleach solution. Make use of a garden sprayer, which is mixed with the bleach and a gallon of water. Make sure to apply this on the rocks, trees, roots and such other places. You could also make use of ammonia or the sudsy ammonia instead of bleach when spraying.


Aeration also helps to prevent and control the moss. It is ideal to take an aerator on a rent basis. The way it removes the moss is amazing. If your lawn has rocky soil, then the tiny rotating stars in aerator could truly be of great help. Most of the gardeners make use of the aerators to eliminate moss and this definitely works well.

Soap Spray

Mosses are often seen to grow on stone or concrete surfaces that are also found in lawns and can extensively start spreading if not cleaned. To clean such areas, use soapy water spray. The soap water dissolves the mosses and prevents its further growth. Practice this at least twice a week to get best results for about 15 minutes each time.

Ferrous Sulphate

This is probably the most effective moss-killing solution and you can simply mix it with water and use as a spray on the areas where the mosses are breeding.

Even ferrous sulphate granules can be spread all across your lawn; as they dissolve the chemical spreads over the ground and kills the mosses. However, if you are using the spray then clean it off with water after a while from the stone pavers as it has the chances of staining the surface.

When you are trying to take get rid of the moss, do it at one go by starting from the highest part as the moss would often spread downhill. It is ideal that you start removing them when they are at the starting stage of growth. Get rid of moss to make your lawn look clean and beautiful.

Photo Credit By: sourcewire.com