Enjoy The Challenge Of Creating Landscaping Walkways

Landscaping Walkways lend an interesting feature to a yard or a garden. They can be used strategically to lead to points of attraction of interest in the garden. They can wind along the way covering several attractions or be straight to the point. Choose your material in accordance to the material used in your patio. A little thought and planning can make landscaping walkways fun.

landscaping walkwaysWalkways usually use the same materials as the patio and other outdoor features. You could choose from pavers, concrete tiles, wood or flagstones to match the patio. Some walkways are used less than the others; these can be made with stepping stones or loose filling.

The popular choice of material for walkways is paving stones which are similar to bricks. A little preparation is required before you can start constructing your walkway.

The choice of brick or stone for your walkway will also depend on if you have a formal garden or if you prefer a rustic look. Stones or river rocks can give an informal and country look to your landscaping walkways.

Once you have decided on the material you will now need to plan the path of your walkways, whether you would like a straight path or a gently winding walkway to be able to admire more of your yard/garden.

The design will depend on how big your garden is and what plants or species you would like to highlight.

Once you have chartered your path you will need to mark it on the ground and start with the preparations of laying the bricks. Another thing that you need to plan while landscaping walkways is the lighting. It makes sense to do that before you start laying your stones as that would mean less work especially with the traditional wired lights.

There are many types of lightings available and you need to pick the ones that go well with your theme or design. You can also decide not to use the traditional wired lighting. Instead you can opt for solar lighting. These lights just need to be anchored into the ground along the walkway. The batteries are charged throughout the day and switch on as soon as night starts falling, thanks to sensors. They will be lit through the night and with the rising sun the batteries charge again. It not only saves you on wiring costs but also energy costs too.

It is recommended that you use a landscaping mat underneath your walkway to avoid any weed problems. It also makes sense to border your walkway on both sides with plastic or metal edging to keep grass from growing on the walkway.

Stepping stones or featured stones (unique shape or relief work) can also be used to construct a walkway. It gives the walkway a unique look and sets a theme for your landscaping walkways.

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