Evergreen Landscaping Trees In Your Garden For Beauty, Hardiness And Longevity!


Landscaping TreesPlanting and caring evergreens requires a considerable investment of time and money.

Therefore, it is important to make the right decision when choosing these plants for your yard.

Evergreen landscaping trees and shrubs are more expensive in general than deciduous trees.

But you can prefer such trees because they are worth their cost because of their year round beauty, hardiness and longevity.

Evergreens range from the broadleaved shrubs like rhododendron and laurel to the tall needled cone bearing pines and stately spruces.

You must be aware that pine is the most commonly known as evergreens. Red pine as well as white pine is splendid for backgrounds and windbreaks. Ponderosa pine, a broad, compact tree is used for protection and ornamental landscaping tree.

Potted evergreen is a substitute to a cut tree

An alternative to a cut Christmas tree is a potted evergreen that may be planted outside after the festive season. If you want to add to your landscaping trees or celebrate a milestone occasion, you can favor this concept.

Just as with the cut trees, you can choose your own variety of evergreen and you should also consider landscaping trees before embarking on the plan. Potted trees tend to be much smaller than cut trees because of the weight of the root ball and the difficulty of moving tree from indoors during the winter.

Potted trees require extra care for successful replanting. You can keep the tree indoors for only five days. If you are planning to plant a tree, dig a hole in the ground before it freezes.

Landscape design

The initial plan of your landscaping trees is the most important phase of the entire plan. The first step of planning should be serious consideration and doing so will save needless removal and transplanting of ornamental plants at a later date, which would further delay the desired end result of your plan.

Before you design for your landscape, you must decide whether you would like to screen areas for wind, noise or unwanted views.

Whenever you put some thing together yourself, you are engaged in designing, however humble the plan is and so it is with landscape design. Do it your self and thus you can learn the basic designing elements that underline the discipline of landscape design.

Landscaping for energy efficiency

Saving energy has become a goal for all of us. There is a way to save energy right in your yard by planting landscaping trees and shrubs.

They not only make your home, neighborhoods and communities more beautiful and add value to real estate, proper landscaping can also help to reduce energy costs by providing shelter from the wind and sun.

Some small landscaping trees and shrubs are the best suited for shading when planted in certain areas, while others work well to create natural windbreaks during strong winter winds. You should select and plant with care in appropriate locations so that you can gain the full benefit of energy savings.

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