Handy Tools For Landscaping In Your Garden


landscapingTools are those objects which help you in achieving something in an easy way.

For landscaping, the list of tools may go to any limit depending on your requirement.

Most of these landscape planning tools are available at home and they can assist you in making your work easy and very productive.


Photos help in providing a clear image of the area which requires landscaping. You can take these photos from some height to attain “bird’s eye” view. After this, you can take large printouts of these images and draw trees, plants and other elements which you need for landscaping.

This way you would get an idea of the final look out of your garden. It would be better to take two images, one during morning hours and the other during afternoon so that you may know the areas which are covered mostly by sunlight. This would help you in planning out proper plantation.

Measurement and arrangement

Measure the area which would be used for landscaping. Now, note down the figures and determine the supply of ready mixed concrete, stone, cement or mulch that is needed for plants and pathways. You can mark different areas like pathways, fountain and plant beds with the help of spray paint, strings or a hose.


You can use the photos or graphs and some colored pens to outline the location of plants. Only draw those things which you want in the landscape. Now take two photos of the area from which one should be the straight view and other should be overhead view.

Draw the outline of the things which you want in your landscape on the straight view photo. Now draw the same thing at the same points on the overhead view photo so that you may easily know the actual look from both the views.

Software for landscape

Software for landscaping is available at various libraries and stores. This software allows you to draw various things like plants, fences, fountains or pools, buildings and trees over the area which is planned for landscaping.

After designing the area with all these things, this software allows you to view the life-cycle of these things. You may get an idea about the plants which will grow over the time and their spread out at maturity.

Soil check

You can collect samples of soil from different areas to determine the quality and you can add nutrients in the form of manure to ensure the proper growth of the plants.

In addition to the above tools, you can also check various magazines, books and articles available on internet about landscaping so your creativity will be inspired.