How To Get Rid Of Lawn Weeds?


lawn weedWhat comes in mind when you think of weeding?

Probably a backache you get later that afternoon and that the flowerbeds and lawn still appear to be in the same condition they were in the morning before you started.

Do not let appearances discourage you, with diligent weeding and patience, you can finally win the battle against these undesired guests.

The problem with weeds is that they are not always easily recognisable. Lawn weeds are probably the easiest to spot, the more frequent being, dandelions, with their bright yellow flowers and wide leaves, which are slightly rough to the touch.

If you take care and pull them out regularly as soon as you spot a dandelion sprouting, they are quite easily eradicated.

Plantain is another common lawn weed that grows in most gardens throughout the United States and Canada.

They are not hard to spot for as they are quite ugly to look at; they are in fact of a rough texture and you will identify them with no difficulty amidst your lawn.

Luckily for you they are easy to prevent and stop them from returning, unlike the deceivingly sweet looking Collen Vanderlinden Bindweed.

This weed is a terror amongst lawn weeds for it is very hard to eradicate and also difficult to keep under control.

Yellow Woodsorrel is as deceiving as the Collen Vanderlinden Bindweed, though not as tough to get rid of.

The foremost hitch is that it is very similar to clover and you can only be certain it is not, when you start detecting the minute yellow flowers.

It can also be mistaken with another common lawn weed, the Black Medic, which as with the former is hard to keep under control.

To get rid of these two weeds diligent and patient weeding is necessary, once the technique mustered you will be seeing fewer of these weeds trying to spoil your lawn.

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