The Right Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard


Why would the landscaping ideas for front yard be any different than the other ideas? Because the front yard is visible for anybody passing in front of your property and most probably you want people to have a good opinion about your home.


The first thing you have to ask yourself regarding ideas for landscaping in case of the front yard is to what degree you want your yard to be visible for those passing by. Most probably you would like to have a balance: you don’t want to be unseen by the eyes of the world but you would also like to have some privacy. One of the best options that you have regarding ideas for landscaping the front yard is to create a living wall that it is a kind of fence made of shrubs.

Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

Delimiting your property

While some of the ideas for landscaping for the front yard add the gate in order to screen out the curious eyes, others are meant to delimit the property. They do not offer any level of privacy, but they visually delimit two distinct properties. For this you can use hedges, stone walls or small fences and your property will have a neater look.

The design of the driveway

The driveway should also be included in the landscaping ideas for front yard. A good idea for the driveway is to have a driveway gate. Naturally you can live without, but you still have to be careful about the driveway plantings. If you would like to make a good impression through your property keep in mind that one of the things that people really observe is the driveway entrance.


The ideas for landscaping the front yard also have to include the walkway. The layouts that you can use vary according to the purpose that they have. As an example in case the main purpose is to lead the visitors from the gate to the entrance, then the walkway should be straight.

In case you also have a side entrance or back entrance, then when looking for landscaping ideas for front yard, you should also consider that there is no reason to have a straight walkway if you don’t use the front door. In this case the walkway should be curvy and should lead to the main points of interest.


The entrance is an important part of the front yard, so include it when you are looking for ideas for landscaping the front yard. It doesn’t matter whether you use this entrance or another one, it should still become a focal point of the yard. One way to make the entrance more interesting is to have some plants around it.


One of the factors that influence the landscaping ideas for front yard that you are looking for is your taste. While some prefer the formal designs, others may opt for the cottage look. If you consider some research on the matter, for sure you will find many landscaping ideas for front yard.

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